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     Throughout the last five years, prices on homes have dropped significantly, yet most people are on the fence on whether or not to buy a new home. But NOW is the time to buy.

     Home affordability is at an all-time high. The median mortgage payment on the median priced home, as a percentage of the median household income is lower than it’s been in a generation.

     Had Central New Jersey Home Values been this low forty years ago, with people willing to strike when the iron was hot, those buyers would have been since retired for over a decade with the housing boom in the late nineties.

     Mortgage rates are at rock bottom. It’s hard to imagine interest rates going much lower, and when they start to inch back upwards, monthly payments and total loan costs will spike upwards. William Wheaton, a Professor of Economics and Real Estate at MIT in Boston, speaks specifically to this opportunity, “the market is probably going to zig and zag a little bit for the next six months, but it’s not going to drop any further.” With this advantage, Central New Jersey Home Values are at an all time low, waiting for those who see it to seize the prospect and capitalize on the return.

     Though, despite this lull of Central New Jersey Home Values, home prices are back on the rise. After declining for 30 months, home prices are trending back upward. Don’t let this research pass you by, the time to get in to the market is now! Central New Jersey Home Values will not stay this low for long.

     Sellers are motivated. This means that buyers have the upper hand! From the banks looking to dispose of foreclosed properties to homeowners who are fiercely competing among an excess of housing inventory, buyers have untold choices and negotiating power. Making the Central New Jersey Home Values greatly in favor of the buyer and makes Central New Jersey Home Values affordable for most people serious about investing intelligently yet aggressively.

     And yet there are those that despite these facts, believe they cannot afford to buy a home, despite the Central New Jersey Home Values being at an all time low. But, financing is readily available! Banks are back in the game and ready to lend to well-qualified buyers, making buying a home easier than it has been in years. This fact opens new doors to those who were not able to do so some time ago and allowing a new batch of clients ready to get in on the ground level of rock bottom Central New Jersey Home Values.

     And yet, despite these Central New Jersey Home Values figures, there are people that only consider renting, because of its month to month affordability versus actually buying a home. This is true of the younger members of the work force but they don’t understand the advantages of the low Central New Jersey Home Values. Owning versus renting is increasingly favorable. Since 2009, the average principle and interest payment has fallen below the average rental rates, and the gap is now wider than it’s been in 22 years. Home ownership is still at the core of the American Dream. Owning a home is critical to financial stability and wealth building, adding to the advantage of these rock bottom Central New Jersey Home Values. It’s a forced saving account, a place to live and a fabulous tax deduction. When one considers all of this, it is clear that with these advantage of Central New Jersey Home Values, now is the time to buy and I’m here to assist you 100% of the way, contact me today for more information on this subject, Central New Jersey Home Values or just to ask a question.


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